All the stuff you might want to know about this Website, and quite possibly stuff you couldn’t care less about.

This website is for all who love literature.

I would like to create a community that enjoys sharing their love of literature.

WARNING: There will be spoilers. Not for every book or piece of literature, but definitely for some literature. I will usually write in the notes if there are a lot of spoilers.

What do I consider literature?

Anything that exists in written form, or has existed in written form, or will exist in written form. Time travel is taken seriously here. 

Mature Content:

There will be times when I read or review a piece of literature that has mature content in it. If I say at the beginning of the podcast/book review that the book/poem/whatever, has mature content, you can assume that the podcast will also have a discussion about the mature content. Please listen/read at your own discretion.


My feelings about grammar are best summed up by a phrase my friends and I giggled over in our High School AP English class: “I ain’t got grammar but I sure done good.”

I don’t write with good grammar, (or should I say there is a decided lack of proper grammatical usage in my writing?), and I don’t speak with great grammar. I’m more laid back and enjoy the twists and turns of the English language that come with being a grammar rebel.

If you are one that enjoys proper grammar usage in both written text and in speech, you will probably not like this website. NPR has a great website for books that I am sure is carefully vetted for the proper usage of the English language. Grammar lovers, you might wish to go there instead. 🙂

Shout Outs

Lastly I would like you to check out my Shout Outs post where I thank the different people who have helped me. Click here to read them.