Books vs. ereaders vs. audiobooks

Here are my thoughts on: books, ereaders, and audiobooks, I like them all! Depending on what I am doing, I prefer one over the other.

Books. I loooooooove, actual physical books. The feel of them, the smell, the crisp new pages, the old dog-eared pages. I love real books. I have three bookshelves in my room filled with books. If I want to curl up on a rainy day and enjoy a book, I like a real book in my hand. I find that the physical books that I buy now are the books that I would read while curled up on the couch in comfort. Or the books that I want to use my highlighter on. The few cons are how heavy or big they can be; and you can’t read them if there are no lights on.

Ebooks. If I’m traveling, waiting at the doctor’s office, or waiting for a movie to start, I like being able to pull out my phone and open up an ebook. I don’t have to carry heavy books around with me everywhere, just my phone. I also like that they are backlit so I can still read even if the lights aren’t on in the room. A few cons: if the battery dies on my device that’s it for reading, not all books are available as an ebook, and not all phones support e-reader apps.

Audiobooks. I’m a production worker, and unless there is someone next to me to talk to, the only things left to do is listen to whatever radio station is playing at work, or what I want to listen to. I usually don’t like the radio station playing so I enjoy listening to books at work. I also listen to audiobooks while walking the dog, biking, gardening, etc. A few cons, sometimes I want to grab a highlighter and underline something, but, I can’t! While most professionally read books have good narrators, there are some books that have a crummy narrator and it makes it difficult to listen to the books. If the device I’m using glitches, I could lose my place and it’s difficult to find where I was in an audiobook. Especially if that book was a long book.

I use all three ways of reading; so sometimes I have a few copies of the same book; a physical book, an ebook, or an audible book. When someone asks me which I would recommend, I would say that it depends on what they prefer and what kind of time they have. Not all jobs allow audiobooks. Not all phones support e-reading apps. So it really boils down to what reading method each person feels would work best for them.