Free ebooks, are they worth it?

A few months ago I was skimming through Twitter and noticed a link someone had posted about how to get a ton of free ebooks. The person tweeting it was not a fan of the post. Mainly because they were an author.

While I can’t remember specifically what was said, I believe the big beef is that authors spend a lot of time working on their books, and sites that give books away for free cheat the authors out of their income. Either by not charging for their books, or by creating a mindset in people that they shouldn’t have to pay for books.

Not every author is a J.K. Rowling, raking in the millions; many are writers on the side and pulling in a very small revenue from their books. To have a reading public accustomed to free books, could have an adverse effect on an author’s bottom line.

I can understand this persons point of view. If I were an author and had worked really hard on a book, I would appreciate receiving something back.

Now, as a “consumer” of books, I do appreciate getting books on sale. I have even downloaded the free offers of books. And frankly, I don’t know why. I never read them. However, when I actually spend money on a book, I read it!

So is it possible to get a library of over 1,000 books? Yes. Is it worth it? For me, No. I’d probably never read most of the books, and that would be a lot of books to sift through to try and find the books that I have boughten and really want to read.

And so dear reader, what is your opinion? Free ebooks, a good thing? Not a good thing?