Random Musings

I have been trying to spend less time on the internet. Ha ha. Hasn’t worked. There are so many things that I am discovering. They’ve been there the whole time; I just haven’t really looked around at them.

Podcasts, blogs, youtube, twitter, sites dedicated to a single subject, the list goes on and on. Honestly, it feels a little overwhelming thinking about all of it.

I would like to explore the internet more. Talk about a goldmine of literature! My problem is focusing. SQUIRREL!

I’ll start to read a blog, article, review, etc., and my mind will jump ahead instead of focusing on what I’m reading.

So if my blogs and podcasts seem a little random, there’s a reason for that. It’s how my brain works; always jumping ahead to the next thing I want to talk about before finishing the current subject. Just like when I read things on the internet.

It’s a little easier to focus on reading a book. Probably because I can’t open a new tab and find something else with which to distract myself.

Please have patience with me friends. 🙂