Shout Outs!

I want to give shout outs to people that support and help me, and also inspire me to continue my podcasting journey.

Green Embers” My brother has been blogging and podcasting for quite awhile and he inspires me by all he does online. Thanks Bro!

Mindi, my co-host, has started her own site. Warning: She is rather “colorful in her metaphors” (she swears), but she has a great sense of humor. Thanks for co-hosting with me Twin!

Cliff Ravenscraft. My podcasting teacher. He runs a podcasting class a few times during the year, and if you want to know how to get a podcast started, his site is a great reference. Thanks Cliff! Just google Podcast Answerman and you will find him.

Buck Benny” My favorite OTR podcast is the Jack Benny podcast hosted by “Buck Benny.” I love how he does his show and I am even a volunteer for doing intros on his show. Thanks Buck!

The History Chicks. These two ladies produce one of my favorite history podcasts and it was while listening to them that I thought to myself, “I could do this. I should start a podcast.” Thanks History Chicks! They are easily found in a google search.

Pat Flynn. He write the Smart Passive Income Blog. It’s through his podcast that I heard about Cliff Ravenscraft. I also enjoy listening to Pat’s podcast because of all the information he shares about making a passive income. Thanks Pat! Just google Smart Passive Income and you’ll find him.