The Alien Feeling Book

No this blog post isn’t about Aliens. Sorry if some of you feel misled. It’s about a book I was reading that felt alien to me.

So I recently got a book from the library that I wanted to read. A Nostalgia thing, I’d read this book as a kid and I was excited because I liked this book a lot. It is a funny book and I thought, “well it’ll be fun to reread this,” so I sat down and started to read and realized that there was something different about the book.

It had been updated!! Now I understand why they (publisher and author) updated it; they want to update the book to appeal to a newer audience. But for me, it was like I was holding a dear treasure in my hand that had something just a little bit off about it.

It felt like a little alien had taken over my book. It looked the same and is felt the same, but there’s just something different. And that unexpected difference makes you realize that it isn’t the same at all.

While I understand why it was updated. I felt a big let down as I read the book; because, part of the fun for me in reading older books is reading about how different things were then as compared to how they are now. It’s a small window to the past.

I also think it’s kind of pointless to update books because in about about five years the updates are going to be obsolete. In this book references to technology and dance moves were updated. Those references are already starting to be out of date for a younger audience. Unless the author and publisher want to keep updating the book every few years, they should have just left it the way it was.

And that’s my rant for the day. And my plea, Author’s please don’t update your books. Just let them be what they are, a window to the time in which they were first written.