The House at Riverton: Book Review

The House at Riverton, by Kate Morton.

I recently finished re-listening to this book. It had been a long time since I had listened to it before and I enjoyed re-listening to it since I couldn’t remember everything that had happened.

I really enjoyed The House at Riverton. The author, Kate Morton, chose in interesting way to tell the story. Most books start at the beginning, get to the climax, then end. The House at Riverton is unusual in that you get the beginning and the end of the book first, and it ends with the climax. Whaaaaaaaat?!

It took me a bit to get used to how the book was written, but by the end I really enjoyed it. It uses first person narration to tell the story, and it is written as flashbacks, and current thoughts of an old woman.

I think it was very clever of Kate Morton to tell the story the way she did. It reflects the mind processing of the aged main character. She is in her late nineties and her thoughts often shift from the present to the past. It is her thoughts that give us the story.

The story itself is reminiscent of the tv shows: Upstairs Downstairs, and Downton Abbey. We follow the life of a serving girl, her relationship with the family she works for. We learn about the mystery of a poet’s death at the Riverton house. We learn about the life of the serving girl after she left service. How her life was affected by the family served and how it shaped her future.

There is not a lot of action if that is what you are looking for, it is more a study in human behavior woven around a mystery.

If you enjoy historical fiction I think you will really like this book. I personally give it 5 stars.

If you would like to purchase it here are some links:

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