The Three Investigators

Just recently I decided to take a stroll down memory lane. Mainly because I was feeling stressed and wanted to read something that wasn’t all serious.

So I went to the library and found some of the books that I loved to read as a kid. As you can see from the title, what I chose to check out and read were books about The Three Investigators.

Who are they? Well they are three boys, early teens, who formed a little group to solve mysteries. Jupiter Jones is the leader (hyper-intelligent), Pete Crenshaw is the athletic one (the muscles), and Bob Andrews is the researcher (the book-worm).

It’s been fun re-reading some of these books. They are geared for younger children so they aren’t too wordy. It’s pretty straight forward writing, which I like since I’ve been reading a lot of wordy, convoluted stuff lately.

This is a series of books and each book is its own adventure. You don’t have to have read the previous books to understand the later books, (although it helps). Some of the adventures delve into the (seemingly) supernatural. Some are plain everyday crimes of theft, robbery, blackmail.

The book I’m currently reading is about a kidnapped whale. The investigators find a whale washed up on the beach, they do what they can as a temporary fix, then they leave, planning to come back and help the little whale back into the ocean. However, when they get back they find that the whale is … GONE! (duhn duhn duuuuhn.) No the tide didn’t wash it back out into the ocean, it had been whale-napped! *Gasp!*

Oddly, I don’t remember  reading this book when I was a kid, and I thought I had read all the books in the series that my library had. This makes it even more fun. A whole undiscovered adventure for me to read. Sweeeeeet!

I loved these books when I was a kid. I wanted to be an investigator, and have a secret head- quarters, a limo at my command, and the brains to outwit all nefarious evil-doers. To be fair, I wanted to be just like the hero/heroine of whatever book I happened to be reading when I was a kid. 🙂

One of the things that I think is pretty cool, is that the books are written by different authors. It originally started out as Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators.” The original author/creator wanted to associate a well-known name with the book to help boost its popularity. I know that when I was young I thought it was pretty awesome that the three investigators had “met” Alfred Hitchcock.

If you want more info about the history of the books, Wikipedia has a nice little article that goes into more depth about The Three Investigators series. Link is here.

If you’ve never read any of these books and are looking for good chapter books for your younger kids. I recommend this series. I loved the books, still love them, and hope you love them too.